About us

Association of British Inventors and Innovators is a registered non-profit organization. Its purposes are as follows

To act as a platform for inventors to exchange ideas, information and expertise. Once a year awards are presented to the most innovative inventions worldwide. We select these innovative inventions after our panel of judges evaluated and decide on the winning entry. The award is presented during our annual British International Invention Award held during the month May/June, International delegates of inventors are invited to attend, dignitary, distinguished guests of honour will be present on this memorable night. For more information email us at: info@britishinventors.org

To assist inventors, commercialize their inventions. A winning entry do get enquiries from interested Angel investors. We act as an intermediary to assist you. To place your invention information on our website please email us at info@britishinventors.org

To encourage the culmination of new ideas or concepts in the market place. We have our monthly online e-newsletter, “British Inventor Journal” you may submit your invention or write up to the editor@britishinventors.org

To provide support and business management skills for inventors whose new products are the source of industrial wealth.

To assist in the development of a vibrant provincial business economy and the creation of employment upon commercialization.