The Association of British Inventors and Innovators (ABII) origin stems back to early 2007 when we offered a seminar on several aspects of inventions and innovation conducted by Frederick J. William, a well -respected British inventor

Mr. Frederick, a successful entrepreneur, had culminated his entire career in a number of countries including the USA, Australia, and Asia in the development of ideas and inventions ranging from enhancing automobile safety features to mention only a very small fragment of the many scores he had either invented or enhanced. By emerging of this exposure to this very enlightening presentation, Frederick, along with a group of other interested individuals, incorporated, Association of British Inventors and Innovators (ABII), formed the founding President and Board of Committee members, it then commenced well -attended monthly meetings and introduced many services of value to inventors

Indeed, through their involvement in the Association, hundreds of inventors and would-be inventors have benefited significantly from exposure to the many facets of the invention process including such important aspects as patent searches, patent registration, prototype preparation, market research, manufacturing methodology, merchandising, royalty determination, membership networking and the legal aspects of inventions plus a host of related skills, contacts and knowledge

Association of British Inventors and Innovators (ABII) operates as a registered non-profit organization with no paid positions, modest membership fees and virtually no restrictions on membership eligibility. The association President and Board of Directors are elected
annually and also meet monthly to formulate policy and to organize cohesive programs. The Board also represents the Association to International Inventors agencies and oversees the legal, financial and organizational requirements of this organization. Today, the Society’s main activity is organizing monthly meetings with guest speakers on a variety of topics of interest to inventors, such as patenting, prototyping, marketing and manufacturing

We award the prestigious British International Invention Award for eligible Inventors and innovators globally to recognize their achievements and encourage inventors to commercialize their inventions. A network of Angel Investors is also invited to evaluate the commercial viability of the products invented by members, potential invention is selected for commercialization

Inventors may also submit their invention or innovation to the association for their invention to be published in the association journal, for greater exposure to potential investors or buyers.